some fixes to embarrassing oversights & a cool new developer name

build 22 is now up, providing patches to some issues, such as the dress being untextured and the quit option in the pause menu claiming your save data would be deleted if you quit (IT WOULD NOT)

(also, there was a poster in the school level that did not fit the tone by any means and it was removed)

a new developer name, TWO-HEADED GIRL, has been settled upon (hopefully) and a splash screen with a logo for it has been added.

a new build will hopefully be coming soon that provides a drastic improvement to the save system once it has been polished: the save files, as they are in this build, are way too big due to a very inefficient method of saving where all the data in the scenes, even that which doesn't need to be saved (like the geometry information of maps), is stored in the file. the new save system will only store important information instead of packing literally the entire scene.

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Version 22 Jan 17, 2023

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